Never Going Back to Normal

While on a Zoom networking call this morning, a participant made the comment that the whole Covid 19 “thing” was a hoax and it will be over soon and things will get back to normal.

I have opinions on the first part of the statement, but I’m more interested in the “things will get back to normal” part.  I’ll bet my last dollar that even with a magic wand whisking away the virus forever, things will never go back to “normal.”

For most people, “normal” means the way things were pre-virus, say Jan/Feb 2020.  Let me point out  just one thing that will never go back to normal, and the tremendous impact it has: Working remotely.

  • Over the last six months we have learned that employees can be trusted to work without clocking in every day!  And they are often more productive! Imagine that?! …and from that,
  • Companies are realizing that they maybe didn’t need XXXX square footage after all…that 10 meeting rooms was overkill…that the 400 space parking garage was a little much. The calculators are cranking…
  • And they are cranking at home as well. The 8,000 to 20,000 miles on the car each year may not be necessary for commuting.  The old wardrobe can last a little longer.  I can eat lunch out….never.

Remember:  This will happen REGARDLESS of what happens with the virus.  People will still “go to work.”  But a large percentage won’t.

Think of the impact on other industries…on the automotive industry; on the automotive aftermarket; on commercial real estate; the fashion and clothing industry; the urban restaurants. And so many more.

This is just ONE change from our experience in the last six months.  There are many other changes that will survive 2020.  And if the virus sticks around, those changes might become exponential.

Will you try and “wait it out,” hoping that we’ll return to normal?  Or will you adjust, now, ahead of the curve, and be a leader going forward?

As for me, I know one thing.  I will, for the rest of my life, be washing my hands A LOT more!


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