Making the Greatest Country in the World Better

greatest country in the world

We live in the greatest country in the world.

I firmly believe that.  In retrospect, our founders were virtual geniuses to come up with the foundation of a country whose Constitution has only been amended 27 times (and ten of those were passed shortly after the Constitution was ratified.)  That means 17 amendments in about 240 years!!  Amazing!

We’ve had some tough moments; Particularly the Civil War, but also the War of 1812 and other dividing events.  We’re at one of those now, with much division in the country.  But despite that, it’s an amazing country, and I’m proud to live here!

However, (and you knew that was coming), just because we are the best doesn’t mean we are the best at EVERYTHING!

It was inevitable; the Founders, as good as they were, could not have predicted the growth and development of the U.S., right?

I imagine John Adams or Alexander Hamilton or Ben Franklin making the following comments:

“California has how many people living in it?”

“What is a casino?  And why do the Indians run so many?”

“You can talk to..and see…someone who isn’t with you?”

“You can get to London from Philadelphia in five hours…or less?”

“There are how many different manufacturers of beer in the United States?” (that one came from Franklin.)

You can go on and on…but the changes go on and on.  It’s no wonder it’s a different world and a different country than 240 years ago.

In our Thursday blogs, we are going to explore why we are still the greatest country in the world…and discuss ideas to make us better.  The founder’s would endorse that.  After all, Jefferson said he believed we should have a revolution every 17 years!

Oh, by the way there are almost 8,000 breweries in the United States.  Franklin would have been very busy.

Stay tuned!

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