Don’t Knock the Zoom Meeting

As we start to, slowly, come out of quarantine around the country, we look at what we’ve learned from being stuck at home.  Right at the top is the Zoom Meeting!  While other services have been used, Zoom has become the gold standard (or at least the easy standard) for meeting with others during “virus times.”

As such, many Zoom features will stand the test of recovery…as we see many of the advantages of being part of a Zoom Meeting!


You don’t have to look for parking or feed the meter.

Save bunches of money on Tic Tacs!

Checking your phone during the meeting is not nearly as uncool.

Shorts are very acceptable!

Being early to the meeting is just 30 seconds!

Comfortable seats no matter where the meeting is!

No getting trapped by the long talker when the meeting is over

Your commute to the meeting has gone from 15 miles to fifteen feet!

Sucking up the boss has gone to congratulatory emails on a great meeting after its over.

Cool backgrounds can hide huge messes in your home office (or kitchen!)


All kidding aside, Zoom meetings will outlast the quarantine; and an improvement in business practices will become part of our common operating method.

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